Two Little Negro Boys


Glúmur Jökulsson

Cuban Negro Julian Duranona Julian Duranona

This mess started in 1995 when the Cuban Negro Julian Duranona was brought into our country to play handball for the Akureyri team. There were plenty of Icelanders who could have played as well or better than him. The next foolishness was when the Althing granted him citizenship in 1996. He showed his gratitude to us the next year by leaving to play handball for Germany. He then adds injury to insult by bringing in his brother Israel to play handball in his place. Finally the stupid Icelander Laufey Ingibjartsdottur meets this second Negro and marries him in 2002. Our ancestors would have properly burned her at the stake as a witch.

Cuban Negro Israel Duranona
Laufey Ingibjartsdottur
Julius and Joel
Israel Duranona
Laufey with her Demon Spawn

Shortly after they were married, the Negro refused to let his wife contact her family, took her phone away and threatened her parents. She threw away 1100 years of her heritage when she became pregnant with his twin Negroes in 2005. She gave birth to the future criminals Julius and Joel in May of 2005. They were baptized at the Icelandic National Church in Akranes. After they were born, Israel allowed Laufey to contact her family again.

Not long after Laufney's parents helped them establish a new home, the Negro again restricted contact by Laufey with her parents. Laufney's father made hand built toy cars for the twins' birthday. When Israel saw what what he had given them, he laughed and threw them away. He must have wanted his twins to be playing with jungle animals. You can take the boy out of the jungle but you cannot take the jungle out of the boy.

Julius and Joel with Their First Victim
Toy Trucks Built by Laufey's Father
Kissing Cousins
Handmade Toy Trucks

Laufey filed for divorce in 2009. Just after they had signed the divorce papers in October, Israel asked if he could drive her to work at the Ministry of Agriculture. Israel got a pot from the kitchen while Laufey was in the bathtub. He beat her in the head with it until the handle broke. The only thing that kept him from killing her was that the pan had hit the wall first before it struck her head. Thinking that she was dead, he called 112 and told the police that he had just murdered his wife. He then committed suicide before he could be arrested by drinking "Stíflueyðir" drain cleaner. This contains concentrated sulphuric acid.

It cost the Icelandic taxpayer at least 1 million ISK in hospital treatment for Laufey after her Negro tried to beat her head in with a frying pan. That money could have been used to save an Icelander from loss of her home after the Icesave disaster. Laufney eventually recovered from her head injuries but was diagnosed with cancer in January of 2011. She died from it in May of 2011. We can import some gorillas from Africa and teach them to play handball. It would be a lot cheaper and far less danger to the public.

Negro Cocktail

Bobo wants to move from Africa to play handball on the Akureyri team. He also needs a sponsor for Icelandic citizenship. If you can help him write to him. He assures us that he can play better than any Negro and will not bother any of our Icelandic women. Notice how much more intelligent that Bobo looks than Icelandic citizen Chigozie. This is his Interpol wanted poster after he cut the throat of a real Icelandic citizen.

The real tragedies here are not the dead Icelander or the dead Negro. The real tragedies are the two little Negro criminals who will have to be educated by the Icelandic taxpayer. When they get out of school, they will have to be supported by the public while they are in prison. They should be deported before they can violate our daughters.

Prince Henry the Navigator made Portugal the world's foremost sea power. In 1498 Vasco de Gama rounded the Cape of Good Hope in Africa and reached India. Portuguese ships brought African slaves back home which interbred with their citizens. Within a hundred years they had lowered the intelligence of the country so much that it became a Third World nation. It has never recovered. This is happening to Iceland.

Thordis Ingibjartsdottir is collecting money to raise the little monsters that her worthless sister brought into the world. She expects the Icelandic people to donate to pay for Laufey having sex with a Negro. The entire family should be ashamed of themselves. Thordis has been raising them after Laufey died. There is a solution. She has done enough. The twins' Negro Uncle Julian has made a lot of money playing for the Spanish handball team Castellón.

Julian can pay for getting his Iceland citizenship by raising the demon spawn of his murdering brother. He can teach them Spanish and Negro culture. It would be even better to send them to their Negro grandparents in Cuba. Perhaps Fidel Castro will personally meet them at the Havana Airport. They would enjoy living there in the Worker's Paradise. Cuba is calling.

Our beloved

Laufey Ingibjartsdottir
from Akranes
Hordaland 2

Death Notice Cross

died in the Hrinbraut hospital on Tuesday 17 May. The funeral will be at Akranes church Friday 27 May at 14:00. The family requests than no flowers or wreaths be sent. A special account has been established on the Landsbanki in Akranes in support of her sons, the twins Julius and Joel, who are 5 years old. The account number is 0186-05-570562 and Kennitala is 050642-4299.

Julius and Joel Duranona
Ingibjartur Thorjonsson and Kristín Magnusdottir
Asta Ingibjartsdottir
Eva Morgan Maurin
Thordis Ingibjartsdottir
Vera Kristin Jonasdottir
Embla Run Sigurdardottir

The Negro Chigozie Anoruo from Nigeria was let into our country and given citizenship in 2004. He repaid Iceland by sticking a knife in the throat of one of our countrymen in a bar fight. Now the taxpayer will have to support him in prison for two years. No more Negroes should be allowed into our country and the ones who are here should be sent back to where ever they came from. They are Stone Age animals who are 50,000 years behind us on the evolutionary scale. Negroes are natural criminals who have no place in a civilized society like ours. Viking women awake! This is what happens when you have sex with Negroes!


Glúmur Jökulsson

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24 Október, 2011